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Two years before the destruction of Smyrna (1920) at the age of 16 years Fotini Petropoulou left Smyrna for Athens. On board the ship, the captain's mate seeing her alone, tried to get into the cabin, but at the door he saw a soldier standing holding a sword. He left frightened and puzzled as to who was guarding her door.
In Athens she met the early Pentecostal, brothers Kuna, Mamali, Diktyopoulos, Katritsioti and received the Holy Spirit. While hanging out a white handkerchief to dry she prayed "Please make my heart like this, Lord," and she was filled with the Holy Spirit and she was speaking in Tongues.
The clergy fled to Veria as refugees in 1932 along with two orphaned brothers who oversawthe work of the Lord. Fotini gave her testimony to the Evangelicals in Veria, who initially could not believe the words she told them.Later, the daughter of the pastor of the Evangelical Church, Urania Kalfoglou married George Goumas, a Missionary from Texas and toghether they gave their testimony in Veria and throughout Greece.
In Germany, Nikos Briazas heard about the Pentecostal church through Tasouli Athanasios from Tsotili and came to Veria. For some time, he stayed at the Evangelical Church until the Pentecostal church was formed.
In 1971 Nikos Dimoliaras accepted the gospel at the age 17 years and began attending different Evangelical Churches. At the age of 22 he became a member of the Free Apostolic Pentecostal Church in Socratous Street in Athens.
Leaving Athens to Veria, with a box full of New Testaments, Nikos begun speaking to friends and relatives about his Lord Jesus. His family and some relatives believed and began to pray. On January 28, 1982 the church opened as a Student Brotherhood of Jesus Christ.
Today the Church operates as a house of prayer of the Free Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Veria with several members having been baptized in water and with the Holy Spirit. Nikos Dimoliaras is the Senior Pastor of the Church serving toghether with the other brothers. There is avery active Youth and Sunday School for children.
They share the Gospel, in the open air and public areas, giving New Testaments, booklets and notice of events to those who show interest.
Our goal is to preach the Gospel throughout our city that all people would hear the way of Salvation.

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