Steps to Study the Bible
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First step: Make a prayer

I pray to the Lord to open my mind and my heart to understand His Word, to have benefit the Word of God in my life. Eg "Lord Jesus Christ, open my mind and heart I can read your Word and understand him." See Luke 24, 45 and Acts 16, 14

Second step: Make reading See I Tim. 4, 13 and Isaiah 34, 16

Carefully read the part of the Word that I chosed, like it's something very important and I do not want to miss a word. It’s good to jot down unfamiliar words and find them in a good dictionary. See I Samuel 3, 19

Third step: Make narration See Hebrews 11, 32

I describe in simple words the part I read from the Word of God. Due to the fact that the Old Testament has many stories, narration is very useful and beneficial. It helps me realize what it is that I read.

Fourth step: Think and study See Psalm 1, 2

I think the words of God and am looking my Bible and make comparisons, questions and correlations. I follow with interest the sermons of the church and I'm integrated and make questions to those responsible of the church and to the brothers and discuss with others the Word of God. I need to watch the results of my study should be supported and agree with the Word of God. I know that the Word of God is interpreted by the same Word of God by the direction of the Holy Spirit . By doing this, I make research, study and reflect on the Word of God.

Fifth step: I underline and jot See Matt. 13, 52

I underline the most important passages of the text that I read. I also underline, what specifically impressed me and touched me. I put question marks to the points I did not understand. Over time, the study of the Word of God will make me understand verses that were extremely difficult. The Holy Bible is slowly revealed to me and I love it more and more. I Also try to put a title on the part of the Word of God that I read. For example, "treatment of a paralytic".

Sixth step: I look myself based in the Word of God.

I put myself in the Word of God. THe Word of God has something to tell me personally. I should get my portion of the virtuous, the messages that it has to give me. I can feel control, encouragement, consolation, building ... and others during this process. See James 1, 22-25 and 2 Tim. 3, 16
Seventh step: I memorize.
Ι learn some parts or key verses that will help me in my Christian course. For example, "in peace I lie and sleep because You alone, Lord, you live in me in safety." If fear at night and cannot sleep, this passage will be helpful.

Last step: Prayer and thanksgiving.

I thank God for what he gave me from the Word and I pray to give me grace and power to make the words that I read reality in my life. I don’t pray in general , but I pray specifically to the words that I studied. Eg "Lord Jesus Christ, as you helped Peter and took him out of the cold water, help me because I also lost my faith as well due to the problems that came to my life and was disappointed. Give me your hand Lord." I pray for specific things of my personal life based on the Words of God that I studied.

These steps of study are intended to help you learn to love and to study the Word of God. Soon you will have your own personal style of studying the Bible. What you have to do is to begin to study and God will help you.

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