The city of Veria in the Bible
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The city of Veria is a Biblical city, is a city which is mentioned in the Bible.
It is mentioned in the book of Acts, chapter 17 and verses 10 to 15.
During Paul’s second apostolic tour about 2000 years ago, since the Jews from Thessalonica expelled him , came to the city of Veria. Once arrived in the city, he went to the Synagogue of the Jews.
The Jews of Veria were more polite than the Jews of Thessaloniki - who had him expelled from Thessaloniki - and daily with much eagerness they were studying the scriptures if really the teaching of Paul is true.
From the preaching of ap. Paul many Jews were saved. Not only Jews, but many Greek men and women and among them many VIPs.
So we see that there was a great blessing for the city of Veria, with the visit of ap. Paul. Many people accepted Jesus Christ and His work of salvation on the cross.

How beautiful it is a city to accept Jesus!
How important is a city to have Jesus Christ!
How important are the official people of a city to accept Jesus Christ.
Then will come a blessing in this city. There will be peace. There will be love among the citizens.

Blessed is the city where its governor respects God. He will be a wise administrator.
However, the devil incited the Jews of Thessaloniki and came in Veria where they upseted the citizens against Paul and disciples. But the disciples arranged the escape of ap. Paul in the sea and then he went to Athens.
This brief story through the Bible has much to teach us. Firstly, the workers of the Gospel are prosecuted. We see the ap. Paul to leave Thessalonica chased and comes in Veria, where again due to the Jews escaped to Athens. Nobody greeted him with honors. So he fulfilled in his own life the Word of the Lord: all those who want to live piously, will be prosecuted. In addition, God's people are not fighting. If some happen to want battles and troubles, Christians always abstain. They are peacemakers.

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