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Veria is the capital of Imathia prefecture. It is built at the foot of lush Mount Vermion. It has a population of about 45,000 inhabitants. Its distance from Thessaloniki is about 70 km. It is a city of great religious and cultural history. The Bible mentions the city of Veria in the book of Acts in chapter 17 and verses 10-15.





Barbouta is the Jewish Quarter, dated from Roman times (5-10 AD) and owes its name to a tap in the area, which is still maintained today. It is located next to the River Tripotamos which crosses almost the entire city of Veria. Barmouta constituted essentially a "ghetto", the Jewish Synagogue and the only shopping street of that time, route Havre. Initially served a small Jewish community, which in the late 15th century grew with the arrival of plenty Jews from Spain and Portugal. From 850 Jews lived in Veria in 1943, the 680 deported by the Nazi occupying forces in Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp. The rest were saved escaping to the mountains. Today only two people of Jewish origin live in the city of Veria.


Jewish Synagogue



Many Jews from Israel and around the face of the Earth are visiting Barbouta and the Jewish Synagogue, which is almost intact until our days and this is a marvelous monument of world importance and visibility.

The Jewish Synagogue is the place where Apostle Paul spoke the Word of God to the people of Veria, as we read in the book of Acts. Once arrived in the city, he went to the Jewish Synagogue.

The Jews of Veria were more polite than the Jews of Thessaloniki - who had him expelled from Thessaloniki - and daily with great will and desire, they were studying the scriptures if really the teaching of Paul was true. From the preaching of Ap. Paul many Jews were saved. Not only Jews, but many Greek men and women and among them many VIPs.






Pictures of city life in the 18th century brought the Christian Kyriotissa area, with its narrow streets and cobbled alleys. Kyriotissa has many Byzantine churches and follows the architectural style of Barbouta. Many of the maintained houses have been restored and give a special flavor to the area.


Archaeological Museum of Veria



Recently renovated, it attracts huge archaeological interest from every part of the world for many years. In the three halls of the museum anyone can see findings from the Stone Age up to the Ottoman period. Neolithic findings come from the village Nea Nicomedia Imathia, which is considered the oldest known permanent settlement in the European territory.


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